Simulator Leonardo

Leonardo is a unique hybrid dental simulator to track in real time intervention of dental instruments in teeth models and perform objective assessment of the completed procedures.

3D - real-time tracking

3D - real-time tracking

  • therapeutic dentistry
  • local anesthesia
  • orthopedics including preparation for crown and implantation

Practical training with a virtual mentor

  • Hit accuracy
  • Percentage of removed carious damage
  • Percentage of removal of healthy tooth tissue
  • Total time
  • Effective time
  • Percentage of excess movements

Presentation of hybrid dental simulator Leonardo

Within the framework of the dental conference IDS (Cologne, Germany), was held the presentation the only one in the world hybrid dental simulator Leonardo.

The system of evaluation in space

Evaluation system

Using 6DOF sensors the systems tracks position of the following tools in real time:

  • turbine
  • micromotor
  • dental mirror
  • carpool syringe
  • various dental burs

We use 240Hz sensors to track all movements smoothly

  • Quantitative assessment of each performed manipulation
  • Detailed report is displayed as a radar chart
  • Detailed report on sequence and time of utilization of tools and dental burs
  • Ability to view a recorded video of fulfilled tasks with debriefing options
Tracked and documented

Moreover, the presence of these instruments is monitored on the operation panel:

  • puster
  • syringe
  • turbine
  • micromotor
The full-featured dental base

The full-featured dental base is equipped with:

  • assistant and doctor sides
  • self-draining manikin with a sledge articulator
  • replaceable jaws
  • LED lamp with pantograph arm on bearing rod
  • User-friendly
  • Arm on bearing rod (the brightness and color temperature of the lamp are adjustable)
  • Vertical and horizontal position of the manikin can be adjusted by mechanical controllers.

Professional dynamic training

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